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We are a cleantech startup changing the culture around food preservation, sterilization and analytics to reduce food waste. We introduce a technology that is guaranteed to increase the shelf-life of fresh food up to 97% on average.

Social Impact 

 With millions of human struggling to gain access to ntritions, over 33% of global food is being wasted.

 Food waste produces over 10% of all greenhouse gasses emissions, which significantly contributes to global warming

Financial Impact

As food waste costs business & individuals over $1 Trillion annually, prolonging the shelf-life of fresh food will improve the economy of households and restaurants.

Food waste by numbers

Environmental Impact


Food Storage

Like Never Before

After refrigeration and freezing, UV (ultraviolet) light treatment is forming a new era in physical food preservation. That's why we are Uvera. Ultraviolet radiations come naturally from the sun to solely disinfects water and fresh produce prior to harvesting. Once fresh produce is harvested, its quality will decay over time as a result of the fungi, bacteria and decay infection. This is where we come in.


Stronger Than The Sun


Uvera uses band C of the ultraviolet light spectrum, which has higher energy than band A and band B that comes naturally from the sun. Our technology is scientifically proven to destroy the DNA of the foodborne pathogens that cause food spoilage and food-borne illnesses.


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